What are quantum sensors

Quanta react extremely sensitively to their environment. This is a problem when building quantum computers. But it can be used to build quantum sensors that can measure the tiniest changes. This new type of sensor could be used in medicine, construction work or archaeological excavations, for example.

How do quantum sensors work?

There are many different types of quantum sensors. What they all have in common is that they use quantum effects to measure super accurately. How does this work? Our experts will explain it to you!

How can they help us in construction work or archaeological excavations? How could these new sensors be used to improve people’s lives? How would you improve the world if you could measure super accurately?

Uhhh… How was that again? The world of quanta is not so easy to understand. Here is an overview of the most important quantum phenomena.

What is a quant?

What is superposition?

What is entanglement?

What our experts say about quantum sensors

Quantum sensors are used in many different fields. Everywhere where we want to measure very precisely. Our experts tell us what they are working on.

Ambassador of quantum sensing

with Gabrielle

Dr. Gabrielle Thomas works for M Squared Lasers – a company that manufactures quantum sensors. As a result, she is very familiar with the various new types of sensors. For a construction site near her home, she wished they were already in use.

Controlling prostheses with thoughts

with Surjo

The neurotechnology professor Dr Surjo Soekadar works at the Charité Berlin. There he works on brain-machine interfaces. Together with the PTB team, he is working on helping patients with locked-in syndrome or people with paralysis. The idea: with the help of quantum sensors, they should be able to control prostheses with their thoughts.

Quantum sensors in medicine

Team of PTB

The team led by Dr Thomas Middelmann is working at the Physikalisch Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB for short) to use quantum sensors in medicine. For example, to control exoskeletons with thoughts or to detect diseases early. They also have a special room for their research. In order to be able to measure very precisely, it is so well shielded from magnetic fields that a compass no longer works in it.