What is quantum cryptography?

To prevent our digital messages from being read by strangers, we have to encrypt them. Quantum encryption makes these messages unbreakable!

Learn how experts use quantum mechanical phenomena to create extremely secure quantum keys.

Our mobile phones and computers are constantly sending and receiving information. To ensure that only the right recipients can read this information, it is encrypted. To prevent unauthorised persons from cracking these encrypted messages, there is an ingenious trick: quantum key exchange.

With quantum encryption (or quantum cryptography), two people can create a digital key together that no other person can read unnoticed. This makes the encrypted message unbreakable! Our experts explain how this works.

Uhhh… How was that again? The world of quanta is not so easy to understand. Here is an overview of the most important quantum phenomena.

What is a quant?

What is superposition?

What is entanglement?

What our experts say about quantum encryption

Experts in quantum cryptography explain how quantum key exchange works and how quantum encryption is already being used in practice.

Fascination Laser

with Luisa

As a schoolgirl, Luisa Esguerra Rodriguez was fascinated by a book about matter and antimatter. After school, she not only studied physics, but was also a professional dancer. Today, she is researching quantum memories for space for her doctoral thesis. These are needed to enable quantum communication via satellites. For her work, she shoots photons through light guides with lasers in the basement of the German Aerospace Centre.

Secure on the net with quantum encryption

with Xenia

Auch Xenia Bogolomec war professionelle Tänzerin. Vielleicht lag

Xenia Bogolomec was also a professional dancer. Perhaps studying maths was an obvious choice because she was always able to visualise everything in space, especially when she was dancing. No matter! In the meantime, she has not only founded the company „Quant-X Security & Coding“, but is also an expert in cyber security. She is particularly concerned with post-quantum cryptography. In the video, you will also meet Jeremias, who is already working in Xenia’s company as a pupil.

Quantum technologies for all

with Falk & David

Die Lichtwerkstatt Jena ist eine offene Werkstatt – ein Makerspace. The Lichtwerkstatt Jena is an open workshop – a makerspace. Anyone interested in light, lasers and optics is in good hands there. There you can tinker and experiment with laser cutters and 3D printers. You will also meet David Zakoth and Dr Falk Eilenberger. Together with the Lichtwerkstatt team, they want to make quantum technologies usable for the whole of society.

Quantum Key Distribution in detail

In the video above you have already learned something about quantum communication and quantum key exchange. But you’re wondering how it works exactly? In this video we show you exactly how quantum key exchange works. You will learn what Alice and Bob have to do to create a quantum key, what happens with polarised photons and why Eve has no chance of listening in on the key exchange without being noticed. By the way: This procedure is called the BB84 protocol.

Tinkering Box Qey-Gen

Understanding quantum cryptography

Time to try out the quantum key exchange for yourself!

For this, we present our „Qey-Gen, the quantum key generator“. With it, you can create an unbreakable key that no one can listen to without noticing.
You can also do a quantum coin toss. This is a safe way to make a random decision. So, do you want to decide fairly what to have for dinner tonight? Try it out for yourself! 🙂