Quantum 1×1

Understanding quantum technologies with ease

Did you know that some laws of physics suddenly no longer apply in the world of quanta? Light particles can be in several states at the same time or establish an invisible connection over distances.
Experts use quantum phenomena to build super-fast computers, send unbreakable messages or control prostheses. Sounds incredible? Welcome to the wondrous world of quanta!

Entering the world of quanta

Quantum technologies could soon revolutionise our world in the same way as the invention of the computer or the internet did – but where do you actually start with such a complex topic? Superposition and entanglement are important phenomena in quantum mechanics, so it’s best to watch our basic videos first.

What is a quant?

The smallest units are the so-called quanta. They are so small that they have a mind of their own and behave strangely. In this video you will find out what is behind all this. 🙂

What is superposition?

If you want to know what a coin, a cat and an atom have in common, watch this video!

What is entanglement?

Two particles can have an invisible connection and interact over a long distance. How does this work? The phenomenon of entanglement makes it possible.

Discover quantum technologies

Will we soon be able to control prostheses with our thoughts thanks to quanta? What happens when quantum computers achieve incredible computing power in seconds? And what is the purpose of locking a quantum in a diamond? Researchers from many different disciplines are working on using quanta in the future.

Animation Qubits

Quantum & I

What do quanta have to do with us? How will they influence our future? And do we all have to study physics to deal with quantum technologies?

Animation Quantenverschlüsselung am Beispiel von digitaler Kommunikation mit Laptop, Handy und Telefon

Quantum Cryptography

To ensure that your digital messages continue to be delivered securely in the future, researchers are currently working on quantum encryption. Dive into the world of quantum cryptography!

Animation Quantensensor

Quantum Sensors

Quanta are extremely sensitive. This property is used for technical measurement processes that require high precision. Take a look at what quantum sensors can do!

Animation Quantencomputer

Quantum Computers

Did you know that, unlike classical computers, quantum computers calculate with more than just 0s and 1s? Find out more about what quantum computers are and how they work.

Playfully exploring quanta

At Junge Tüftler*innen, we believe that the best way to learn is to try things out for yourself. That’s why you cannot only watch the Quantum 1×1. With our three specially developed games, you will learn the basics of quantum mechanics:

Introducing the team

About Quantum 1×1?

Quantum 1×1 makes the most important insights of the quantum world easy to understand. With the help of easy-to-understand videos and the new tinkering boxes, you will gain a basic understanding of second-generation quantum technologies.

We visited over 20 quantum experts from different scientific fields. You can discover the conversations on the different topic pages!

For whom is the Quantum 1×1 intended?

The project is aimed at teenagers and adults who are interested in the exciting world of quanta. With the help of the new tinkering boxes, you can playfully explore quantum phenomena at school or at home, easily and without prior knowledge. Would you like to join us in the quantum world? We offer workshops, open lab evenings and project days with schools and museums.

The project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research through the „Quantum aktiv“ programme, which is part of the Federal Government’s High-Tech Strategy. The content was created with the support of the TU Berlin and the Deutsches Luft- und Raumfahrtszentrum.

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