Quantum & I

Quantum technologies will become increasingly important in the coming years and decades. Many different experts are working on this topic – physicists as well as psychologists and artists. How will quantum technologies influence our future?

The good news first: we don’t all have to study physics to deal with quantum technologies. And no one has understood all the phenomena of quantum mechanics in detail, not even experts. But we should think about how these tools can be used to actively shape our future. It is important to stay curious!

How will our society develop if quantum computers suddenly achieve huge computing power that would take computers years to achieve today? What impact will the construction of quantum computers have on our environment? Where does the energy come from to run them? Many questions that concern our experts.

Uhhh… How was that again? The world of quanta is not so easy to understand. Here is an overview of the most important quantum phenomena.

What is a quant?

What is superposition?

What is entanglement?

What our experts say about quantum technologies

We talked to different people about quantum technologies and were thus able to get to know different perspectives from the field.

Sharing quantum knowledge

with René

René Schulte has been working for the US company Varlorem Reply for 9 years and is Head of Innovation there. He works with an interdisciplinary team on the simulation of special algorithms. In his podcast QuBites, he exchanges ideas with quantum experts from all kinds of fields.

Innovative quantum technologies

with Claudia

We talk to Claudia Pohlink about the role of innovative technologies in her work at Deutsche Telekom. Her motto on the subject of quantum technologies: You don’t need to understand everything to open up areas of application. Just have courage and above all: curiosity!

Making the invisible visible

with Thomas

Media artist Thomas Heidtmann works at Lacuna Lab in Berlin. His favourite topics include space, matter and making the invisible visible. He likes to be inspired by science and is convinced that art and science have a lot in common. He is currently working on an augmented reality piece.

Tinkering Box TiqTaqToe

Comprehending quantum

Everyone probably knows the classic TicTacToe – we have developed a board game in which our game cubes are given a new twist with the help of the quantum mechanical phenomena of superposition and entanglement! But try it out for yourself 🙂